Pepsi Lipton Latin America

Working in Pepsi Lipton is a unique experience from within the Unilever and PepsiCo parent companies and offers a working environment which gives access to the full range of functions as part of a small business.  Each of the regional teams in Pepsi Lipton come together to form the total global joint venture whilst still being run individually as standalone businesses.Working in this operating model provides a critical experience that set our people apart from the crowd as they work across a full cross-section of functions, including R&D, Supply Chain, Finance and Marketing.  Having such a broad range of functions working in relatively small teams across a regional geography allows each individual to have a real and direct impact on the overall performance of both their region and the global business.

The Latin America region will play a large role in increasing our focus on developing markets as we look to find the right balance between developed and developing markets. The region runs from as far North as Mexico to the southernmost point of South America, covering more than 20 different countries.  Working in the LATAM region presents a different challenge to other regions as the ice tea market continues to grow at a rapid pace despite the comparative size of the category being quite low. This leaves a fantastic opportunity to work on a global brand in an ever evolving marketplace with huge growth potential.