Get to know Gladys Diaz - Global Insights Manager

by Helen Butterworth News

What were the reasons behind why you decided to apply for the Joint Venture?

The main reason was the JV culture. The entrepreneurial culture came across in my interview preparation and in the people I spoke to that had joined the JV. Each reiterated that Pepsi Lipton was a space where people were given permission to try new things and be resourceful.

I was also excited to learn about a new category, one that I could relate to quite well, being an avid tea drinker myself.

What are you bringing with from your last role in Homecare?

I’m very proud of my Homecare background. The brand I worked on, Dirt is good, is a very affiliative, down to earth brand with a real purpose: letting kids play, get dirty and just be kids, because that is how they learn essential life skills. Some consumers may buy a pack of Persil or Omo because it removes stains but in a highly volatile and uncertain market those that value what the brand stands for will stay loyal.

Most recently, Home care has made a real pledge to connect with consumers more frequently and launched a Global programme to facilitate this which I was heavily involved in.

So what I hope I am bringing with me is: a touch of grounded and affiliative behaviour; an understanding of how important purpose is to a brand; and an appetite for promoting consumer connections.

 If you could go anywhere this weekend, where would you go and why?  

Well, I am lucky enough to be going to Madrid this weekend to re-connect with a friend from school I haven’t seen for 8 years! I’m very excited to enjoy some sunshine in October and be around people that have known me since I had braces; couldn’t think of anything better than relaxing and having some banter with friends.

What are you most passionate about?

My family. They provide a safe and nurturing place where I feel most like ‘myself’. I love spending time with them. We can spend hours around the dinner table dissecting a topic into finite details. We are big huggers: we hug when we say hello, goodbye, and sometimes when we’ve been gone from the room for a while.

What is one thing you have learnt in the last year?

Persevere. Sometimes, though, if you stop looking for things they will just appear before you. Applies to life goals and keys!

Your favourite memory involving tea:

A while back I got into a routine of going to the gym first thing in the morning. I’d then get peanut butter on toast and a cup of black tea with milk for breakfast. At times, knowing that I would have that cup of tea was the only thing keeping me going on the treadmill.

The most memorable experience from your career so far:  

Meeting Hugh Grant! Back in the day I worked in in a law firm that hosted events in its art gallery and Hugh Grant attended one of the events. We shook hands and I said “nice to meet you” followed by some girlish giggles. Just kidding, I was very cool about it.

What you hope to get from your time in the joint venture:

Learn, Discover, Be remembered.