Get to know Andrew Dyne - Strategy and Intelligence Manager

by Helen Butterworth News

If you could go anywhere this weekend, where would you go and why? 

I would have to say my parent’s family holiday home on the east coast of South Africa. It is a small part of the world called San Lameer which has a wonderful golf course, amazing wild life and the warm Indian Ocean. It brings back years of family memories and holidays and is always my happy place.

What are you most passionate about?

Typical South African male I am most passionate about sport. The biggest sport would be Rugby (Union). A huge Springbok (South Africans nation team) and Lion (The provincial club from Johannesburg) fan. I am a fan of most sports including Football and most recently the NFL. I also play sport, but as I am getting older this is getting less and less. Most I can do now is go for a good run or a round of golf.

What is one thing you have learnt in the last year?

I have learnt the important of an acquisition to a business. This was something which I had never done before and it was great to be the finance lead of one such acquisition

Your favourite memory involving tea:

Family tea time at 4pm. I come from a traditional English home and nothing beats 4pm tea. Usually warm afternoons in the swimming pool with mom calling us in for tea. Rooibos is a fan favourite tea in South Africa.

The most memorable experience from your career so far:

I would have to mention two experiences. The first would be my work across central Africa. Such an amazing experience to visit different countries and learn from different cultures. The second would be the acquisition of Pukka. I was the project lead and it was by far my biggest learning experience.

What you hope to get from your time in the joint venture:

I hope to be able to improve and learn as a finance partner. I also hope I can spend time getting to know the Pepsi culture and make sure I take the positive from both Unilever and Pepsi into my future career.