Find out what it’s like to job share at Pepsi Lipton!

by Sasha Newell News

Benefits and top tips from Laure Gazzola and Lauren Nye, Marketing Managers for Lipton Australia.

What are the benefits?

Having true flexibility

It is often difficult to work part time when the rest of the business functions on five days. Job sharing allows everyone to have true flexibility and continuity in the role. As Lauren shared, “I worked 3 days before and always did some work on my days off. With job share, the work continues while I’m] out of the office”.

Being more productive

Tony Stein, Business Director in Pepsi Lipton AMENA, who has managed three job share partnerships, believes managers can benefit from having job share partners in their team. “The advantage of two brains thinking and people coming in fresh and energised on their 3 days far outweighs the additional cost or the few times you have to repeat yourself” Tony says. The partners agree they are able to get more work done than if they were doing the job on their own. “You are accountable to someone else so you ensure the work is done when you pass it over,” Laure said. 

Sharing the load (and the wins!)

Job share partners are like a small team supporting each other. Each partner brings a different set of skills to the team which gives the opportunity to learn from each other.

What advice did they have for potential job sharers?

Finding the right partner is often the greatest challenge. Knowing your partner before job sharing helps to create a good relationship. Carving time to know each other from the start and talking about potential challenges before they arise is really important. The use of personality testing can also help to identify unbiased views, strengths and weaknesses of the partnership so that they can be managed effectively.

There is a fundamental need to trust each other and show a united front. All our job sharers had to get used to this, leave their ego at the door and support their partners’ decisions.

Job share arrangements vary and don’t necessarily have to be 3 days each with Wednesday as a crossover day. Effective job share partnerships need some face to face time together to communicate work but also to build the relationship.