Competitor News

20 Apr 2018

Competitor Weekly News - Apr 10 to Apr 16 2018

North America

Finlays Opens R&D Centre in Rhode Island

Minute Maid Introduces "This is Good" Campaign for Families


Coca-Cola Plans to Speed Up Launches in 2018 with Agile System

Zero-Sugar Drinks Represent 4% of Sales for Coca-Cola Bottlers


Schweppes Launches MayTea

Coca-Cola to Launch Plant-Based Snacking Drink Range AdeZ

New Law Impacts 16% Sales of Sugar Soft Drinks in Catalonia

Orangina to Reduce Sugar Content in its Beverages


Coca-Cola Amatil Launches Start-Up Programme to Find New Sources of Growth

PepsiCo Sees Spate of Executive Exits

Coca-Cola Expands Zero Sugar Portfolio

Beverage Companies Rolling Out Low-Sugar Drinks to Suit Trend

Soft Drink Health Concerns Yet to Trickle Down to Social Media Users

North Asia

Coca-Cola Launches World’s First Frozen Coke Slushie Packs

18 Apr 2018

Foodex Japan Exhibition 2018 - The 43rd International Food & Beverage Exhibition

FOODEX JAPAN is Asia's largest exhibition dedicated to food & drink across Japan and globally. Over the 4 days of the exhibition, approximately 82,000 buyers from food service, distribution, and trading companies attended. Around 2,400 exhibitors participated at the event. Products related to Agricultural Products, Confectionery, Beverage, Coffee, Tea, Wine, Herbs & Spices, Frozen Food Products, Meat & Meat Products, Seasonings & Condiments, Snack and Bakery Products were shown at the expo.

03 Apr 2018

Competitor Weekly News - Mar 27 to Apr 02 2018

Coca-Cola to Experiment with Crowd-Sourced Creative Briefs

Coca-Cola is No Longer a Traditional Advertiser

PepsiCo Foodservice Partners with Penn State Testing Aquafina Water Station

Starbucks Pledges to Redesign Its Paper Cups to be More Recyclable

Honest Tea Redesign & New Flavours

Coca Cola Bursts into Digital Signage

Coca Cola to Invest €120mn

Coca-Cola European Partners Unveils Stevia-Based Capri-Sun

PepsiCo Opens New R&D Centre for Next Generation Beverages

PepsiCo to Launch its first Ecommerce-only Brand Drinkfinity

Tata Starbucks to Increase Number of Stores to 115 by March 2018

21 Feb 2018

Competitor Weekly News - Feb 13 to Feb 19 2018

PepsiCo & Coca-Cola Report Q4 Results

Coca-Cola Bets on Smaller Packages

Pepsi Unveils New Beverage System

Coca-Cola on the Lookout for Big Deals

PepsiCo Will Redirect Ad Spend Back to Flagship Brands

Coca-Cola's CEO says, 'We've got to Experiment'

USA - Coca-Cola Rolls Out its Arctic Coke Machines Nationally

UK - Coca-Cola European Partners Braces for a Year of Sugar Taxes

Lithuania/Latvia/Estonia - Coke Debuts Ink Technology

Norway - Coca-Cola Suspends Investment and Lays off Staff Due to Sugar Tax

Kenya - Coca Cola Ordered to Display Nutritional Information Glass Bottles

India - Market is Recovering After GST, says PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi

India - Tata Global Beverages in Talks to Buy Paper Boat

30 Jan 2018

Consumers increasingly reward sustainable companies

Consumers increasingly reward sustainable companies, punish those that are not socially responsible

Consumer demand for products that are healthier for them is quickly expanding to include those that also are better for the environment – creating new opportunities for companies that strive to be more sustainable and barriers for those that do not, according to new research from the Natural Marketing Institute.

30 Jan 2018

Plastic Waste: a European strategy

Plastic Waste: a European strategy to protect the planet, defend our citizens and empower our industries.

The first-ever Europe-wide strategy on plastics, adopted today, is a part of the transition towards a more circular economy.

It will protect the environment from plastic pollution whilst fostering growth and innovation, turning a challenge into a positive agenda for the Future of Europe. There is a strong business case for transforming the way products are designed, produced, used, and recycled in the EU and by taking the lead in this transition, we will create new investment opportunities and jobs. Under the new plans, all plastic packaging on the EU market will be recyclable by 2030, the consumption of single-use plastics will be reduced and the intentional use of microplastics will be restricted.