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Our Center of Craftsmanship

Our Center of Craftsmanship

Working in a joint venture across two large multinational companies we have the great privilege of being able to locate our people in either a PepsiCo or Unilever office. In the UK we have two offices.  A Research and Development centre in Bedfordshire and a Marketing office in Surrey.

Colworth is the Bedfordshire office and is located in the picturesque village of Sharnbrook, within the grounds of a Grade II listed stately house.  The house and its grounds are steeped in history stretching back more than 2,000 years. There is even an onsite museum, housing the history of Colworth House and Unilever.

Colworth is where you will find our Global R&D, Packaging and Supply Chain totalling around 25 Pepsi Lipton team members.  The facilities here include laboratories and a Pilot Plant where new formulations are developed and trialled with the additional support of state of the art analytical facilities.

Colworth is now a Science Park and plays host to more than 650 Unilever employees together with many third party companies including British Gas, Cambridge University and Cranfield University.  We have an on-site gymnasium, a site restaurant and a large conference building which can host more than 200 people.  We also have fantastic sports facilities to include a golf course, cricket pitch and squash & tennis courts to name but a few.

Movers & Shakers

Why not take some time to get to know the friendly faces that make up our organisation, with new joiners and former team members alike. Click on one of the smiley faces below to get the full story

New Joiner - Liz Ha

Your thoughts on your first days in Pepsi Lipton?

All the parties involved (from office colleagues, parties in other regions) were welcoming and friendly.  Efforts were made to ensure I have a smooth transition into the new role, and quick responses to any queries that I may have. 

What are you most passionate about?

I’m most passionate about Food (especially chocolates) and Drinks.

What is your greatest achievement to date?

My greatest achievement would be hard to pin-point to one, but I would say swimming. I’m afraid of heights/depths (and still am) but swimming made me learn how to overcome my biggest fears.  Basically, to focus one goal and take one step at a time.

What is your favorite holiday destination?

I love travelling to islands and enjoying the sun (Thailand is one of my favorite places).  While I still love doing so, I found new joys in Italy (there’s food, drinks and sun/islands!). Only problem is that it’s too far from home…

Your favourite PepsiLipton product?

Favourite Pepsi Lipton? I’ll be liking the new products that are to be launched this summer in Korea (Fruit Tea). Beforehand, was Peach Ice tea.

Spotlight on Flora Csakvari

Get to know our new Assistant Brand Manager ESSA, Flora Csakvari.

If you could go anywhere this weekend, where would you go and why?

Probably anywhere in the Caribbean, I’ve been to Mexico this year and the sea is just unbelievably blue! But I am actually going to Prague to visit my sister this weekend, it’s not the Caribbean, but it will do J  

What are you most passionate about? 

Travelling and I am a helpless beauty product junkie, try to give me a new product that I haven’t heard about or tried yet…

What is your greatest achievement to date?

I was very proud about taking part in launching the Monster energy drink onto the Hungarian market, I believe I will have similarly proud moments with the JV soon!

Your favourite Unilever / PepsiCo product:

The upcoming innovations, however that is still #topsecret, sorry guys!

Your favourite memory from your career so far:

 Going to the ESSA marketing conference in my second week of joining the JV and getting to know the markets and the plan for the future first hand. It was tough, but pretty awesome.

George Whiting

Our new Global Brand Manager, Pure Leaf and Away from Home, George Whiting tells us about why he has joined the JV and his meltingly good hobby. George spends the weekend travelling to festivals and selling gourmet cheese toasties from his food truck, Monty.

First of all George, welcome to the JV! What was it that attracted you about working here?

It was a few things; firstly entrepreneurship is front and foremost of what the JV is about. From Sir Thomas Lipton and his incredible business growth, to when I spoke to people in the JV when I was applying, this word comes up a lot and is aligned with the sort of company and people I wanted to work with.

I also really wanted to work in the refreshment category because it offers the chance to create incredible consumer experiences. When I see what Pure Leaf and Lipton are doing in Away From Home, experience is front and centre, and that motivates and excites me.

George, how did Warm and Toastie come about?

So, whilst living in Rotterdam I developed a huge love of different cheeses which spiralled into me aiming to make the perfect cheese toastie. I would describe “entrepreneurial pursuits” as one of my hobbies, before starting University I built and sold a mobile entertainment business, whilst at University I founded the MAD agency, the first student run marketing and advertising agency to help creative people gain practical work experience.  Having a passion for projects I managed to convince my partner that, as we both loved food and often frequented food events and festivals, we should invest in a Food Truck business.

And how did you get from the idea to making it a reality?

Last summer we bought a very unloved, very broken 1978 Ice Cream Van, lovingly called him Monty and spent the rest of the year asking favours from family and friends to help convert him into a beautiful melting truck.  This process took much longer than expected and we only opened our hatch at the end of May, however this delay, on reflection, was a blessing in disguise as during this time we spent weekends building the website and social media presence, building a network of event organisers and finding key partners that we could work with. Consequently we’ve had a busy first year of trading. We’ve been lucky enough to have been recognised for our SUPER tasty gourmet toasties and were shortlisted for street food of the year- one of our favourite toasties is the El Cheesio – a fajita inspired toastie with tequila, lime, chilli cheddar.

Wow, sounds grate! What have you learnt from your food truck that you will bring to the JV?

From visiting the events the truck takes me too, I see lots of examples of brands doing it right, and wrong, it’s a great environment to learn in.

Food trucks and street traders are on the top of trends and I get to see how important that is to their business. A good example I’ve seen recently, relevant to tea, is a trader selling Kombucha tea from a pump, and thereby standing out by presenting in an interesting way. I hope to bring seeing things in a new and exciting way.

What can bigger companies learn from your brielliant food truck peers?

A little obsession of mine is creating something that tastes great and people love, this means constantly talking to customers about our toasties. It’s also comparing innovations to the best on the market and not just on what we have done before.

Another thing I see is the ability of these founders to do things differently when issues pop up; again I think this is why the JV feels like a good fit for me. The things I love about Warm and Toastie, thinking out of the box, finding new ways to do things and moving quickly are the things I will find in the JV!

Check our Warm and Toastie’s WebsiteInstagram and Press

An introduction to our SVP & General Manager
Marc Schroeder

An introduction to our SVP & General Manager
Marc Schroeder

Marc joined PepsiCo in 2004 and held a number of senior leadership positions within the company before his appointment as Senior Vice President and General Manager of Pepsi Lipton in February 2016.

In this role Marc has global responsibility for this joint venture between Unilever and PepsiCo operating in roughly 120 countries worldwide. Prior to his current assignment, Marc was Senior Vice President for PepsiCo’s Global Nutrition Group, running multi-billion dollar brands such as Tropicana, Quaker and Naked.

Prior to GNG, Marc was the Vice President & General Manager, Russia Foods, where he led the transformation of the snacks portfolio to match changing consumer trends. He began his PepsiCo career in the Benelux region where he led the beverages business. Before joining PepsiCo, Marc worked at Proctor & Gamble and MetrixLab.

Marc earned his Business Economics Masters degree at Erasmus University in Rotterdam in the Netherlands with parts of his studies completed in Oxford, England and Milan, Italy.
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